birth is a time of joy

Fallen was born into loving hands of her papa and Midwives at Moonstone Midwives Birth Center, a place which recently has become near and dear to my heart. In January I started working at the front desk along 5 Midwives and am grateful that they've allowed me into their space and community. This community has lead me to people like Natasha, who's birth was welcomed with fireworks on and off that evening in preparation for the Fourth of July. She labored at the birth center with such grace and power, spending a lot of time on her feet even though they were swollen. When she finally got in the tub her body had been doing so much work she just floated and let the rushes come with very peaceful and content pauses in between. I am still new to birth and very grateful for those who have recently allowed me into their space and have allowed themselves to be vulnerable. It is a honor as a photographer to participate in birth and I'm so looking forward to more. As one of Natasha's affirmations read, "birth if a time of joy."