0 weeks till evie

I've known Molly since I was 15 and was over the moon when she asked me to fly back to Kansas to photograph her birth. Early labor started over a week before Evie finally made it earth side, and I thought for sure she'd be born before my trip to KC. In the end, she came on the last day before I had to fly home! Birth blows my mind, sometimes you just don't have a say at all! That baby will come when they're meant to come. Molly's holiday birth was early in the morning on a crisp winter day. Emery Vada was born in their cozy home alongside her partner Paul, their other two children, the cat Molly's had forever and the comfort of her holiday decorated home.

It is so special to witness the transformation of friends when they become parents. Those who I've known since high school have a special place in my heart as growth in all of us has drastically brought change. Molly was my first professional maternity shoot when I started photography, and to be present when she birth her third child was truly an honor. Photographing birth has really come full circle for me as all those years ago with Molly I had no idea that that later I'd be interested in birth.