honey chocolate cake

Only days before Koa was born into the world I went to do the family's portrait session. Momma was glowing in pregnancy and they were soaking up the last few moments with their toddler being an only child. This family had created a little bubble where they could bring a child into the world and all seemed to be waiting for him to arrive. We knew he would be coming soon and when I got the text in the early morning I beaming with excitement as I pulled down the gravel road and saw her twinkle lights and candle light through a window. The support that momma got was the kind of love that I would wish for all laboring people. Her partner and three Midwives help guide her as she moved her baby down and eventually into her arm.

Grandma and big sister had been sitting in the hall curiously waiting and the look on that little girls face made my heart soar. There truly is such awe and wonder in birth. It takes your breath away and changes you forever. Big sister was intimidated initially and took baby in with big beaming eyes. She, like all of us, was processing how this little one was a whole person, and how that whole person came from Momma! Eventually when she did snuggle in close and touch her brother, or kiss him for the first time, I was filled with gratitude for this family to have allowed me into such a sacred moment. She proclaimed that she would call him "honey chocolate cake" which made everyone laugh as the sun was rising and filled the room with light.