surrounded by love

Momma and her sweet family worked hard to bring baby Cambria earth side and I was glad to be a fly on the wall witnessing such a loving connection they had with each other. Soon after her arrival, Momma was having a hard time birthing her placenta and a decision was made to get her some additional help. Separating a family minutes after birth is heartbreaking and only done with purpose. Dad and big sister immediately stepped up to making sure that their newest addition was well looked after, syringe feeding her colostrum a Midwife was bringing back to the birth center from Momma. After sending these images I spoke with the family about how important it was to them to have memories of how truly amazing the birth experience had been before the transfer. It can be hard to pull yourself out of things not being the way you planned and having the pictures helped remind this family of how beautiful their experience had been, although not perfect, surrounded by love.