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there's something to be said..

..about the raw emotion and life changing journey that one goes through when giving birth to a child. I once heard a story that women leave their bodies during labor to search the stars for the perfectly matched soul. Baring witness to this transition is one that I will honor for the rest of my days. I am currently going through online courses and child birth classes to become a Doula so I can support women in an educated and holistic manner. Birth is my passion and having quality images of this pivotal moment in your life should be accessible to all.

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new chapter

The days that follow your birth story is one that is new and unique to all the moments prior. I love those fresh babes in their parents loving arms, surrounded many times with gifts of soft blankets and toys from loved ones. These moments are special and hard to slow down in the rush that follows. My photography in this moment serves as a placeholder for this slice in time.