my story

I grew up thinking I would be a doctor or nurse because I was good at math and science. As a first born in a family of five, I have a mothering nature and thought that this, mixed with a nack for school, meant I was destined to be in the medical field. I slowly realized that I wasn't as interested in school anymore. I wasn't reading the chapters assigned, wasn't retaining information after taking a test. I started dreading going to class until I started learning about photography. Photography forced me to thinking about multiple things at the same time. Angles, lighting, focus, shutter speed, shadows, is the ground level? Is the subject blinking? It had me multitasking like never before. I loved it. I thrive on multitasking. I started carrying a camera around and simply creating. I wasn't good at it at first. I took a lot of pictures of my friends, family and flowers, really trying to just create, all the time. I started to realize that photography started to consume my world. I realized that if I was willing to spend every Thursday night after class and some weekends at school working on pictures for the yearbook, that there might be something in this for me. I decided to continue education in photography at The University of Kansas, graduating with a BFA in Photomedia.

Every aspect of what I continue to love about life involves photography. Whether it be throwing myself into a new culture in some far away place in the world, watching a woman become a mother in a life changing moment, or getting front row tickets to witnessing people confess their love for each other, I can't get enough. I still take a lot of pictures of my friends, family and flowers but now my soul relies on this creativity to survive. I"ll create an album for someone and review it 10, 15 sometimes 20 times feeding my soul with the final product. Creating is what works for me and keeps me going. I'm not sure why, but I know it feels right.


Christina & Blake

“Jessica was a great photographer! She was eager to meet with us before the wedding to go over what kind of photos we would like. She was prompt. She was so sweet and kind and offered suggestions. Most importantly, she took beautiful photos that my husband and I will always cherish. Thank you, Jessica!”

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